Patient Testimonials

Our dental patients truly enjoy the care they receive from our staff! Here’s what some of our patients have said:

I have been a patient of Dr. Helidonas for several years now. During this time I have unfortunately had several dental problems which required extensive work to correct. Appointments were always promply scheduled and I was given complete explanations and appropriate recommendations as to what work was needed. Completion of the work was done on time and to my satisfaction.
-Ellen B.

I would like to tell you of my experience at Dr. Helidonas’s dental office. I’m very, very apprehensive when it comes to going to the dentist. I waited for an abscess to form before calling. I called other dentists and was told I would have to wait until the following week before I could get in. Well, I called Dr. Helidonas’s office and the receptionist was very helpful to get me in right away. When I got there and was seated in the chair another gentleman came in and asked if he could make me more comfortable and proceded to adjust my chair and ask me if I was comfortable. He said that he would be taking a full set of ex-rays and that the Dr. would be with me to discuss the procedures he thought would be best for me. The Dr. (Helidonas) came in, he was so nice, and explained what he could do which was an extraction of the last tooth and to get a root canal for the other and asked if I was agreeable. There was absolutely no pressure. I told him that at 72 years old I would prefer to remove both teeth.

I received the medication for the abscess and came back in four days for the extraction of two molar teeth. He first asked if I was sure I didn’t want the root canal I told him I wanted the teeth removed. He removed the yesterday and I haven’t had any pain I couldn’t believe it! Before leaving, his assistant explained what care should be taken and gave me this information in print so I wouldn’t forget

I would highly recommend Dr. Helidonas to anyone. As a matter of fact I have already sang his praises to my family and told them “This is a very special Dentist who not only gives you his professional opinion but asks you for your opinion.” He is such a considerate Dr.

Hurray, Dr. Helidonas for you and all the people you have on your staff, your fantastic.

-Maureen W.

I went in to the Dr Helidonas with a toothache and he had to remove my Wisdom tooth. While no one want to get their tooth pulled he made the experience as pleasant as possible. The office was clean and welcoming as were the staff. Dr. Helidonas was friendly and professional, he was able to remove my tooth efficiently and painlessly. He provided me with instructions for healing at home and I recovered quickly!
-Amine H.

When I moved to the area, I had to find a new Dentist quickly, as my tooth was very painful and sensitive to pressure. When I came in for my appointment, I found the staff friendly and professional. Dr. Helidonas takes the time to explain your options and procedures, so you feel very comfortable every step of the way. I’ve recommended his practice to friends.
-Chris G.

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